Terms and Conditions

Anthony Pugh Photography Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions completely before purchasing digital images from Anthony Pugh Photography at www.anthonypughphotography.co.uk
By purchasing and using images on this website, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

All the images on this website are the copyright of Anthony Pugh Photography. By purchasing a Royalty-Free License the image copyright remains that of Anthony Pugh Photography, you are only purchasing a Royalty-Free License to use the image as shown in these Terms and Conditions.

Please credit Anthony Pugh Photography each time an image is used.

Royalty-Free License

Anthony Pugh Photography provides a Royalty-Free Licence, Royalty-Free means that you pay for the image once only, then you can use the purchased image as many times as you like, with a few restrictions (shown in the section Prohibited Use below).

Permissable Use

The images that you download under the Royalty-Free License may be used to make:
Digital prints.
On web sites.
In magazines.
In newspapers.
In brochures.
In books.
On book cover.
On Flyers and leaflets.
In Application software (apps).
For Advertising and promotional material, in either printed or electronic media.
You may use the image in a concept for any number of clients, as long as the item in which the image appears does not contradict any of the restrictions shown below in the Prohibited Use section.

Prohibited Use

Web templates, Greeting cards Photographs or Postcards especially designed for sale.
Mugs, T-shirts, Calendars, or any other items incorporating the image, with the intention of being sold are considered redistribution.
It is also forbidden to make the image available on a website for download.

The use of Anthony Pugh Photography images for these purposes shown in the Prohibited Section above under the Royalty-Free License is not permitted.

These Terms and Conditions were last modified on December 18th 2016.